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A regular day at the office for people of Betfy consists of researching the World Wide Web, looking for the best betting websites in the UK, and of course, wagering on each one of them. However, although it may sound like a fun job, it’s still a job, and the researchers need to be paid. Also, there’s quite a few maintenance fees, investments in new methodologies, etc. Our bills aren’t huge, but they’re not neglectable as well.

How Do We Pay Our Bills?

Long story short – we collect funds through affiliate links! We don’t run ads of any kind because they have a negative impact on user experience on our website. Let’s face it – no one likes ads, but advertisement can give us a significant financial boost.

However, we’ve given up on ads to make your experience on our website as pleasurable as possible and in return, we only ask you to use our affiliate links when visiting casinos, picking up bonuses, etc. When you use our affiliate links, we get a small compensation. Although it’s not too much, it means a lot to us since it allows us to improve our services continually.

Why Should Help Us?

Well, we’ve enlisted the first reason already – to help us maintain the high level of research and keep bringing you some of the best reviews UK betting market has seen. Also, clicking on affiliate links is entirely free and won’t affect your website experience in any way. Besides, we only become partners with sites once our reviewers have done their work. This way, we ensure all reviews are 100% unbiased. Finally, using affiliate links is completely safe since no one will gain access to your personal information.

Final Thoughts

Taking everything we’ve said so far into consideration, the real question is “why wouldn’t you do it?” Helping our cause will allow us to keep up the good work and review more UK betting websites and apps. Contribute and allow us to keep bringing the best betting reviews in the UK!