888 Sports Mobile App Review

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Extensive live coverage and streaming, garnished with many daily deals and ongoing promotions make 888sport appealing and entertaining, as well as one of UK’s best betting apps. Get inside tips from the TalkSPORT experts, cash in on bets that don’t go your way, create your own wagers and enjoy the full control 888 provides.

Supported Devices

Developers of the 888 Sport betting app have designed a user-friendly application that is compatible with most devices. Players can use the app while they are on the go, and navigate around the app easily thanks to the friendly interface.

Apple iOS

The 888 Sports app has been designed for both the iPhone and iPad touch. In order to get the app on your phone of tablet device, simply find it on the App Store and download it onto your device. The app is completely free to download on any device from iPhone 3 through to iPhone 7, and requires iOS 6.0 or later. The majority of the features that are found on the 888 Sport website can also be found on the app, with the app homepage showing an array of both live and forthcoming sporting events that you are able to place a bet on. Betting odds and tips can also be found throughout the app.

Developers have strived to make the app as safe and secure as possible so that users will feel secure about using their funds on their mobile devices. The same applies to the safety of personal information.

In order to download the app, you will need to be over 17, as currently Apple does not allow for younger audiences to download gambling applications. Once you have started the download process, as long as you have a good internet connection then the app will be on your phone in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can find the app directly though the 888 Sport website and download it from here.


Downloading the 888 bet app onto an Android device is not as simple as downloading it onto an iOS device due to the restrictions that are placed on betting apps Android. This is due to the fact that Google Play Store does not accept any betting apps to be downloaded onto their devices. To get the app on your phone you first go onto the settings on your phone and click on the application or security option, depending on what phone you have. From here you much enable the ‘unknown sources’ mode, after you have started to download it. Once this has been enabled, you should be able to find the app in your files, and from here install it on your phone. Once this process is complete, you must make sure to disable the unknown sources on your phone.

Almost all of the features that you can access on the betting websites, you are also able to use on the app, including the majority of offers and promotions. Live events are even available and are updated regularly, so even if you are not at home with no access to a computer, this is not going to stop you placing a bet.

One of the best ways to get the sport888 app on your phone is to go directly on the 888 Sport website and download it from here. There is a simple registration process required for this method of download. Like with all betting websites, you have to deposit your initial funds before placing any bet. The app will use up 6.4MB of space on your phone, so make sure that you have this available, yet the download process is fast once it has got started.

If you do not want to go through this process, then another option would be to open the 888 Sport website in the web browser of your phone, and then simply bookmark the page or add it to your favourites for near instant access every time.

Windows Phone

Currently Windows Phones do not accept the app download, but this should not stop you trying to make use of the site. One of the best methods for quick access to the site is to find it on your favourite website browser on your mobile device, and then bookmarking it or adding it to your favourites. This was you don’t have to search for the site manually every time you want to access it.

Without a download

The company’s website has been made highly responsive, which means that it adjusts to different platforms with ease. If you type the URL into your chosen browser, you phone will automatically identify that you are using mobile device and therefore bring up the website to suit. Even though you are not using the app, this is still a very safe and secure way of using the site on a mobile, with many any hacking systems already in place.

Prohibited Countries

Some of the restricted countries include: Afghanistan, American Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Ascension Island, Australia, Bouvet Island, Bulgaria, Cuba, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guam, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Libya, Northern Mariana Islands, Palestinian Territory, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthelemy, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Spain, Sudan, Turkey, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the United States. If you are from any of these countries then you will not be able to use the site.

There are several countries around the world where online betting is strictly prohibited. Due to the fact that 888 Sports are a respected and regulated company, they monitor where people are playing from very carefully, and will strive to only let people who are in the law have access to the site.

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Notable features
Live Streaming

The live streaming of events can give players a new and exciting way to bet, and 888sport gives it customers the opportunity to live stream a number of tournaments and races, so they can enjoy the show wherever they are. Players who use the 888sport app will be able to access a list of upcoming events, highlighting the most popular, so never again will you have to worry about missing the next game. In this way, you are able to place a bet in advance, or wait for the live show to give that extra element of excitement. The list is updated regularly and players can also access some of the expert’s opinions which reflect the latest trends, so you are able to make a more informed decision on where your money is going to go.

There is a special feature in this section of the app which will display the most popular bet of the moment, which you are able to either replicate or come up with a bet of your own. Once the event is going on, you are able to add multiple bets to you stake. This process is made extremely easy throughout and many players choose to use this feature.

If the case arises that a game, match or race is not available to live stream, then it can still be followed through the many scoreboards on the site which are updated regularly, or make use of the live radio service to help keep you up to date on what is happening. In some cases, mobile devices may not support the live streaming service.

Kick Off Show

TalkSPORT are the largest radio station in the sports world, and they have chosen to partner up with 888sport comto sponsor the popular show ‘kick off’. 888.com has a permanent spot on the radio station where experts are present to give their listeners the leading odds from bookmakers, as well as the latest news from the betting world. Since merging with 888 sport, the show now has a record number of listeners.

Cash In Feature

The Cash In feature that is supplied by 888 Sport will allow you to be completely in control of your betting at all times. Using this feature you are able to settle a bet that you have placed even before the market results have been displayed. The majority of the events that are live streamed on the site have this cash in feature enabled. This could save you having a big loss at the end of a game if things look like they are not going to end the way that you want. When your cash in feature shows ‘Gold’ status, by cashing in at this point you are able to make some potentially huge profits.

Check your bet every now and again while a game is going on to check what it is worth, and if you see that its value is decreasing, you can cash in immediately to prevent the loss of any more money. On the other hand, if your bet is making a lot of money and you are up on the bet that you placed in the first place, then instead of risking your profits, you can cash in your winnings with no hassle. You can use this feature on multiple bets before a game has even reached its conclusion. The money is instantly deposited into your account regardless of the final results. If you wish, you are able to leave part of your bet in the game which lessens the risk.

The restrictions to this feature is that you are not able to use free bets to cash in. If you have used free bet tokens to place a bet on a game or race, then you must wait until the race has reached its end before seeing if you have any winnings.

888 Sport provides an automatic calculator which can give you an estimate based on the various factors involved in the bet, such as the events remaining time and the updated score. So no matter at what stage the game is at, you will be able to work out your potential profit or loss.


Exclusive Welcome Offer

This incredible promotion is available for new players only, and you have the opportunity to get triple odds on your first bet plus a one off £5 casino mobile bonus to use on the game of your choice. In order to access this deal, you must first register and then log into your account, from here you can make your first deposit. You are then free to place your very first bet, which can be a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £10. The next day you will get your treble odds extra winnings added to your account, ready to be withdrawn or played with. The deal doesn’t stop there however as there is still your £5 casino bonus to claim. Once you have placed a sports bet of £5 or more, you will receive your casino bonus. The same username and password can be used to log in and access the bet888 casino.

Money back Special

Betting on horses can be completely down to luck, that is why 888bet sport are giving its customers free bet refunds when your horse is beaten into second place by a head or less. The company understand how frustrating this situation be, therefore are willing to give something back. The offer works if you place a bet of at least £5 on a horse to win, if the situation occurs where the horse that you have bet in gets beaten by a head, then you will receive a free bet refund of up to £25 which you can use to bet on a luckier horse. Typically, money back tokens must be used within 30 days of receiving it. This offer is only available on selected races, but will be announced in advance. The great thing is, both new and old users can benefit from this offer.

Daily Deals

There are deals offered every day of the week:

  • Make every Sunday a casino funday where you could can join the casino raffle and win up to £500 FreePlay.
  • Jackpot manic Monday where players have the opportunity to get up to £150 FreePlay.
  • Every Tuesday players can take a seat at the table and get up to £15 FreePlay.
  • Every Wednesday players can be a real winner, with the possibility to claim up to £20 cash back.
  • Every Thursday 888 Sport give the opportunity for players to get their hands on £100 FreePlay.
  • Friday allows players to make use of a great FreePlay bonus.
  • On Saturday Night, players can play live casino or any other games and get up to a £100 bonus.
  • Every 21st of the month players can beat the dealer, hit or stand with up to £300 FreePlay.
Social Media

If you join 888 Sport on any form of social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus, you have the opportunity to get your hands on daily promotions and exclusive competitions, plus be kept up to date with the latest news and events.

Casino Bonuses

You don’t have to be a new player in order to get bonuses and offers with 888 Sport. The casino rewards program will reward customers for their loyalty. The more you play, the most rewards you could get. In order to get the deal all you have to do is play your favourite games as you normally would, as long as it is in the qualifying period (Wed-Tues 00.00-23.59). Your account will then be credited with up to a £50 casino bonus depending on the amount of points that you have earned the week previous.

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