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The Ladbrokes mobile betting app is so good that even the generous welcome bonus and the good number of ongoing promotions remain in the background. Excellent functionality and flexibility make account management, market overview, and betting on your favourite sports easier than ever.

Supported Devices

The Ladbrokes mobile team has done everything possible to make their service accessible to everyone on their smartphones. You can get the Ladbrokes com mobile experience on whatever phone you have, whether it be an Apple, Android or Windows. And if for some reason the Ladbrokes app fails you, you can still visit the website using your browser as an alternative. In fact, the mobile Ladbrokes team is so committed to making sure that you can access their service while on the go that you can even text in or phone in your bets. This is perfect for those times where you absolutely need to execute on a bet, but your phone is out of battery.

Apple iOS

As the most popular phone in the world, it sort of goes without saying that there is a Ladbrokes mobile app for the iPhone. The team has put together nine different Ladbrokes com apps in order to address all the target segments in the online gambling industry. To make things even better, all of these options are available in the App store, and for free. This way you don’t need to worry about compromising your security when you want to use your Ladbrokes betting account. Just set the app up on your iPhone or iPad (there is no compatibility with the Apple watch yet), and get started on the gambling.


The Ladbrokes app for android is great because it also works on some of the newer versions of Blackberrys. Having put a lot of time into developing the Ladbrokes Android app, you can bet that it does a great job of delivering on all the features you would expect from a powerhouse like Ladbrokes. These apps aren’t available in the Google Play store, because of restrictions against “real” gambling, but you shouldn’t have a problem downloading and installing them on your own. The Ladbrokes app Android experience holds up to that of the Apple one, so you should be up and betting in no time.

Windows Phone

Now if you have a Windows phone you probably didn’t think there would be a Ladbrokes mobile app for you, but there is. Available from the Windows Store, it offers all the functionality you would expect from the other apps. It really says a lot about the popularity of the mobile offerings that the Ladbrokes team developed their app for Windows as well. This sort of extra attention is rare and indicates a strong future for the company.

On Mobile With No App

As previously mentioned, Ladbrokes online betting is available to you even if the app isn’t working or is inconvenient to download it. If you get to, the website will automatically sense that you are using a mobile device and adjust the website to you accordingly. This is great for the times when your phone is dead and you quickly want to use your friend’s phone to put a bet in, but don’t want to use a ton of data downloading the whole app.

Another option is the text betting that Ladbrokes has made a huge push to put through. You are now able to text your bets to the Ladbrokes number and that will process it through your account. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Included Countries

Not all countries are online gaming friendly, and the team at Ladbrokes has to respect that. As a result, if you try your Ladbrokes login mobile in one of the many countries that has banned its use, the app won’t let you login. Even if you are just visiting a country where the Ladbrokes app is prohibited, it will not work for you. Just remember this isn’t at the choice of Ladbrokes and is in fact the law.  The list of countries not available for users is too large to include in this review, but is available here for any new users that would like to determine whether they are able to use the service. For some countries, there are special exceptions that are made for different types of gambling. For example, Holland doesn’t allow sports betting on anything aside from greyhounds and horse racing. And quite the opposite, Germany forbids betting on greyhounds and horse racing. Additionally, Australia, Belgium, Mexico and Spain all have separate websites that Ladbrokes must be accessed through. It’s important to research all of this before you sign up, so that you don’t get yourself in any trouble with the tax authorities.

The Grid

Ladbrokes has combined the best of all of its mobile applications into making “The Grid”, their premium offering. This app allows you to easily track your bets, cash out and experience exclusive offers. This option also allows for live streaming, which is a huge differentiator as well as live predictive statistics. If you want to get a special edge in your online gambling experience, the Grid is probably the best way for you to go.

Customer Feedback

The general feedback from the customers has said that Ladbrokes has created a highly “usable” app, that is one of the best betting apps UK punters like to lay wagers on. It is designed for everyone from the beginner to the experienced gambler to understand and that makes it a great solution for anyone. The reviews were all positive and stated that the product did a great job of enabling the users to gamble on whatever they wished to, and in a timely manner.

Another focus of the reviews was the great bonuses. These seem to be one of the biggest draws for customers, as it changes the game in the beginning and helps the loss averse get into the game. Finally, the customer service push that Ladbrokes has been making has really paid off. Several reviews noted that the 24/7 online chat service made it extremely easy to solve whatever issues a user might have.

Many of the complaints in the reviews seemed more likely to be the customers fault than the company’s. Any issue of circumstance (e.g. rescheduling of games or being a close call) is hardly the responsibility of the company to settle. Overall, the reviews were positive and indicate a strong future for Ladbrokes.

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